I think that some of the best journalist haven’t always necessarily studied journalism, but they are passionate about certain life topics which makes for a good journalist. So as for videos or photos taken by citizens such as the photo from a 2009 protest could and should be given an award if it is of good quality and lives up to journalistic standards, despite the fact the person may not be a professional journalism.

Again, I feel that it would be okay to give out presitgious awards such as the Polk Awards to non-journalists or citizen journalists, so long as their work is professional, tasteful and adhere to professional journalism standards. However, I think these awards should be very strict on this ideas because if they start to be lenient on whether or not a recepient of these awards provides work that is up to par with journalism standards, then the whole journalism community could lose its credibility, which is one of the most important aspects to journalism, a journalists credibility.