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Screengrab from the video emailed to the Guardian showing the wounded Neda Aghan-Soltan, during the 2009 protests in Iran. Photograph: EPA/The Guardian

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Part of your reading assignment this week is reading about the Polk Award that given to the anonymous video of Neda Aghan-Soltan’s death.

The award fell under a the videography category was given to the anonymous person or persons responsible for the video of the death of 26-year-old Iranian Neda Agha-Soltan during protests in 2009. Listen/Read this interview on On the Media with the Polk Awards curator John Darnton.


Should a journalism award be given recognizing the photos or video taken by citizens witnessing an event?

Should the Polk awards or other prestigious industry awards be given to non-journalists?

Considering what has happened in the last six months in the Middle East and North Africa what role (help/hurt) has user generated content played?

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